Introduction to Forex
If you are new to Forex or you wish to brush up on calculations this is your starting point. Learn about the players, and the way the market works, learn how to calculate your profits or losses. Get answers to questions like what are swaps and how do you calculate them? Learn about the rules of the game, what limits are and so on. This is the "abc" of forex trading.
Advantages to Forex
Why should I trade forex as opposed to any other financial market? Get the answer to this question and others like why the forex market is the World's largest financial market? Get a specific list of the advantages of trading in forex and more importantly the advantages of trading forex with 4XP.
Guide to trading
OK, so you understand how the forex market works, what's the next step? Get the tips that every trader should have; the do's and don'ts of trading in the forex market. Guide to Trading is a list of the basic rules of how to turn losses to profits, how to manage your money wisely and how to stay out of trouble. Get the basics to the commandments of trading right.
Technical analysis
Technical analysis is the art to using past history to determine future events with the aid of charting tools and technical indicators. New to the game, learn what technical analysis means and how to use the different indicators; this is the basics to learn what the tools are to the trade and how they are used in the market in order to improve your performance in trading.
Technical trading guide
Once you understand the meaning and the basics in technical analysis, the next step is to learn how to actually use the tools that are given. At 4XP you will be able to enjoy the excellent technical charting and indicators available on our platforms. This is where you can learn the basics on how to actually put them to the test.
Fundamental analysis
There are a myriad of economic and financial releases every day from around the globe. Learn the basics on what they mean, their importance and how they can affect the market. The more you are familiar with the releases the better your understanding and performance in the market.
Come across a term that you didn't understand, than this is where you should be. A complete Glossary of the terms used in Forex in an easily understandable and accessed setting. The words are explained in layman's terms and will help you understand any term quickly and easily.
Have a question about Forex - than you have come to the right place we thought about the common questions asked and segregated them into sections from technical to trading from limits to deposits and much more. If you have a question you want answered than more than likely you will find its answer here.