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Welcome to vft Learning and Education Centre. Begin your Capital Market journey from the basics to understanding Capital Market calculations, tips on trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and more. The Learning Centre is geared to educate you on all the necessary terms of trading in the Capital Market. Additionally, you will learn useful tips in the simplest possible manner in order to become a successful Capital Market trader.

Daily Market Analysis
View the expert market commentary on the day's events including support and resistance levels, technical analysis and fundamental performances. Be cautious not to commence trading before reviewing our brief forecast, which is an essential tool to trading, and is free. You will also be able to view our archives and see how our experts perform in the market.

Economic Calendar
Stay in touch with world news, the when and what of fundamental analysis, forecasts and actual releases. This is a full indication of all future economic releases. Make sure that you calculate the time differences to pinpoint when the releases are due. You will also be able to view our expert opinions on the importance of the releases and also the potential effects on the world markets.

World Interest Rates
Know the world's interest rates for the currencies in which you trade. This will help you understand the rollover calculations and keep you up to date with all the latest changes in interest rates.

Mobile Trading
Learn how to trade directly from your mobile! You will be able to access your account at no cost whatsoever from almost anywhere. View live rates, actual positions, your statement set limits and trade from anywhere anytime. You will never be out of touch with the market again!
Live Dealer Room
Join our dealing room - LIVE! This is a unique service provided only for VFT clients. This service allows you to register online 24 hours a day, as a real client, to our live dealing room and exchange opinions, have access to market experts, ask questions, receive updates and exchange trading tips or strategies.
Virtual Tour
View actual streaming rates directly from our website - no need to download. These are actual tradable prices taken directly from our trading platform. Stay in touch with the market at any time - even if you are not logged in.



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